Live Event Painting & Commission Work

Painting on site at Diner En Blanc, Philadelphia

Painting on site at Diner En Blanc, Philadelphia

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Event painting

I would love to work with you to bring an artistic touch to your event as a live painting unfolds on the canvas!  This special painting will be yours to forever remind you of the unforgettable day.  Examples of events I could capture are weddings, bar mitzvahs, christenings, corporate events, balls, and so much more!

I will set up up to 4 hours before the event begins in order to paint the surroundings, so that when people arrive I can start to paint them into the scene.  I typically paint oil on canvas.

During our initial consultation, we can discuss people you would like in the painting, special ideas or colors you would like incorporated, and where you would like me set up in order to capture the scene.

Commission from a wedding

Commission from a wedding

All I would need for my setup is a space that is 5 by 7 feet to fit my easel, lamp and table.  I provide the entire setup!  I do need access to somewhere to plug the lamp in, and a sink that I can use to clean up.

Painting on site

Painting on site

The painting should be finished before the event is over, unless I believe I could work on the piece to refine it more.  In that case I will take reference photos during the event and refine the painting over the next two weeks.  During this time you (the client) are allowed two free revisions as well! 

When the painting is dry enough to ship or deliver (typically one month) I will either deliver it if you are within 30 miles of Philadelphia, or have the painting shipped (client is responsible for shipping).  A discount of 10% is given if you would like to take possession of the painting right on site at the event, without revisions or refinement. 

1st painting from Diner en Blanc

1st painting from Diner en Blanc

2nd painting from Diner En Blanc as the night fell

2nd painting from Diner En Blanc as the night fell

 I was chosen as the live event painter for the prestigious Diner En Blanc in Philadelphia, and often paint plein air, so am familiar with setting up and creating paintings within the space of a few hours.

Recommended sizes and accompanying prices are:

11x14"-- $750





These prices do not include shipping the piece (that depends on where it is being shipped) or travel costs.  There are no travel costs if the event is within 30 miles of Philadelphia, and there are no shipping costs if the painting is to be delivered within 30 miles of Philadelphia.  If the event is 2 hours or more from Philadelphia, I will require the client to cover overnight accommodation and travel cost.  I am excited and willing to work with out of state (or even country!) clients, however!

How the process works: 

First, send an email to to inquire about your event date and what you had in mind.  If I am available for the event date, you can come in for a free consultation to my studio in Philadelphia, or if out of state we could do a skype consultation.  During the consultation you should tell me what size painting you are thinking of, the people you would like especially represented in the painting, and any other relevant details for the design you want included.

After the free consultation, I will draw up a quote that includes the actual painting, and travel cost if applicable.  Once you receive the quote, and if you would like to proceed, a non-refundable deposit of $350 is required to book me for the date of your event.  This goes towards the cost of the painting.  If travel expenses are needed, the travel expenses must be included with the deposit, so that I can make necessary arrangements for your event travel.

The day of the event, I will arrive 3 to 4 hours before the event starts in order to paint the background.  Once the event is over and the painting is complete, you get to choose if you would like the painting as it is, or if you would like further refinements and revisions.  You could take the painting home with you that night if you'd like!

My #1 goal is to make your painting spectacular and memorable for you! 

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I also can work with you to create smaller vignettes of moments of the event, copies of the original painting, or commissions based on past events.  If you are interested in commissioning a painting based on a past event, please feel free to contact and I would love to work with you!

If you are interested in a portrait commission or special project for your house, home, or corporate office, I work with murals and portraits as well.  Please email me, I'd love to know about the specific details you are thinking!

Family portrait commission

Family portrait commission

Looking forward to helping you capture your memory in a unique way.

Jessica Libor



Five stars.  I was looking for a gift for my parent's 40th anniversary.

--Pasquale M.

Excellent artist with a great sensitive vision satisfied all my needs ,very positive energy. Jessica did a big mural for the restaruant it represent the country side of Italy. It's like being there-- thank you Jessica for the wonderful job!

--Francesco G.